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What Innovation Means for Internet Business?

Do we need a lot of money to be successful in our internet business? Yes? Then how internet is making the world an equal place or a levelled playground? All it is required is not just money to win in our internet business venture, but a strong value added innovation. 

Success cannot be achieved overnight in online business as it needs a lot of planning, strategy and at times resources to make it successful. One great thing about internet, even if you don’t have good resources, especially money power, but have a great idea, is that the more you stay positive with your idea and continue to hang on by making the last knot of your rope and put some regular efforts, it pays off in a much greater way than those campaigns that are run with money. 

It may seem that, at the pace and the manner in which businesses flourish in the digital world, it is extremely important to use paid promotions to make your business sustain a fierce competition. This is true, if your idea is not that great and if you don’t believe strongly in your idea or your innovation.  Here are the reasons why this is certain to happen even though there are drastic changes in the business landscape and the way they are conducted, with a rising online population.

The way you understand innovation makes a big difference. So what makes innovation? 

It is value driven

Innovation can sustain only when the ideas are great and bring value to the customers in the right sense by not trivializing the purpose of the product or service, and if it is not intended to earn quick money in a short period of time at the cost of values.  With the very fast moving internet world, there is a misconception that it is so easy to create a brand and earn money in a similarly faster pace.

The concept of brand still remains the same as the old conventional definition even though the platform in which the business is conducted has passed through a tremendous evolution. 

It lasts long

This may cause inconvenience to the readers as it is written blatantly. There are so many online businesses, both products and services, mushrooming up every day that caters to the different wants of people and not needs, which even when removed from the lives of people, doesn’t make much differences in the way they live.

The purpose of innovation is becoming shoddier.  Such trivial innovations of products or services are very short sighted in their vision and hence cannot innovate and compete continuously to win hearts and their share of market. They are doomed to fail in a relatively shorter time. 

If the idea embraces the values it brings to the customers completely in itself, it can stand the test of bad times and survive itself for a better future. 

It doesn’t require extra marketing

Brands are built over time and with an avalanche of marketing promotions, you cannot hammer the product into customers’ heads. Doing so makes you feel less confident about your innovation. This also doesn’t suffice that zero marketing efforts are required to build your brand, but some basic promotion like tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus updates are enough to begin with. 

As you are doing it in a very normal scale, there should be consistency in doing it. If your innovation has values in it, it will make you persevere and continue putting regular efforts, even if the results don’t transpire good immediately. After a convincing amount of success you can proceed for paid promotions to take your business further ahead. 

It is being hopeful

Innovation in itself should be hopeful about the future. Your idea needs to stand strong for the times to come making your innovation having a long sighted vision. Hope can be made inherent in the brand by making it adaptable to the changes happening around in the market and lifestyle of people without losing the essence and without adding frivolity during the transformation. 

Either for a brand or for a human being, both that is open and receptive to changes, will survive. But undergoing changes should not be at the cost of values, as the survival of brand may lose its purpose of existence, if its values are lost.

Image Source: The Daily Beast

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