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The Essence of Friendship Day

The care that is given without being asked for can be the greatest quality human beings can ever possess. Friendship is something that thrives on its own, not bounded by any conditions or requirements.

Thus among all the relationships of the world, friendship has a unique quality, that it is a part of every relationship.

Without a sense of friendship, no relationship can endure; may it be the relationship between a father and a son, a husband and a wife, a boss and a subordinate, a boy and a boy, a girl and a girl, anything that can feel emotions and another thing that can feel emotions. 

Nobody is obliged to be concerned and caring about someone who is not related by blood or by other means possible.

That is where friendship stands out that it really exemplifies what the very nature of any relationship should be.

Friendship is survived by the reciprocation of the warmth that is received from the faculties in their truest sense.

Meanwhile, there are no hard and fast rules established in the bonding like in any other relationship, which puts friendship in a volatile state.

This not-so-necessarily-required-commitment nature of friendship that once made the relationship precious – with a strong bond developed between friends despite no obligations- is taking it nowadays into deep troubles. 

Make no mistake; there are no inimical motives behind the smiling face of every person. The claim is only that the smile is not felt by the very fabrics of our emotional DNA coding, but only by the jaw bones. 

The depth that once prevailed in the absence of digital thoughts is slowly being filled with expectations and needs, making the relationship a very much superficial one.

In a world where an individual’s expectations are numerously more than the nerve cells that can imagine the uncountable, the sanctity of thinking good to others without expecting anything back is slowly becoming doped, impure. 

Thus what we have been just discussing as the most essential of all relationships is breaking down as its deep-rooted values are being uprooted by our pursuit of wants.

Hardly do people see others face, remaining buried deep inside their insecurities, building walls around themselves, yet sending smiling emoticons through their tablet devices.

The slightest of the remaining urge for friendship is the fear of being isolated in the society. But what should be evident to our nous is that by being good to others from the very nature of our internal energy source, every insecurity and barrier for well-being can be done away. 

What history has taught us is the essence of friendship, when Abraham was referred to as the ‘Friend of God’.

In the Hindu mythology, the cordial relationship between Lord Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama portrays how eternal the bonding of true friendship can be.

Thus, friendship had been given a stupendous position even in the religious texts.  Coming to the recent history, Friendship day was initially started in the United States by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall in 1930 on the second of August.

Anyhow, it didn’t get much public attention as it did in the beginning and slowly started dying out. Somehow, the event was kept alive in some of the Asian countries. 

The United Nations finally announced July 30 as the international day of friendship, which is also celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Nane Annan in 19998 announced Winnie the Pooh as the global ambassador of Friendship.

Even though it is a much-celebrated event across the continents in a modernly fashionable manner with friendship bands and greeting cards, it is very much necessary to keep the underlying spirit of friendship conscious.

The abstract, indefinable emotions that roll unbridled within oneself for the well being of an unrelated another human being is divine and it is very much essential to keep the eternal bonding alive among all of us. 

Our smiles can be more meaningful and our hugs can be more strengthening when we understand what an uninvited form of bonding built unrestrained can bring to our lives.

Friendship burns the ego of the self and abridges the souls bringing them closer to the eternal divine. 

Happy Friendship day!

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